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To clarify those medical symptoms.

that makes sure everything you type is clear, effective, and mistake-free.

To save Nelson Mandela’s reputation.

The comma. For such a small and common punctuation mark, it is far from innocuous. If you are working in certain circles, overlooking an Oxford comma can jeopardize your entire intellectual reputation (right, I am exaggerating—but only slightly). The fact remains that because commas are common and helpful, misusing them or neglecting them altogether can lead to some unintended (often dark) jokes at best and embarrassment or weakened authority of the writer at worst.

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Here are some relatively harmless, though entertaining, examples. Commas are a fantastic idea, if you want:

Again, when you are talking to someone or designating the audience of your sentence, use a comma to denote the vocative.

This is just listing 101.

To leave Mom in peace.

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To prevent human trafficking.

The Oxford comma (serial comma) helps us to clearly distinguish between items in a list. While Mandela is about the farthest thing from a gigantic demi-god and a collector of phallic toys, let’s just not leave anything up for misinterpretation. Learn more about the Oxford comma here.

*comma before “baby.”

To stop rushing into things.

Use commas. Just do it. Please.

You need a comma before students to help signal to the reader that students are not the object of packing but instead the intended audience of the sentence.

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