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Posted on June 11, 2016

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No Burmese home is complete with a traditional betel nut box.

The sturdy boxes are cylindrical in shape and are woven with bamboo.

Inside the box you will find shallow trays used for holding the necessary items for making betel.

The betel was probably the first chewing gum where to buy paper online online essay writing service and lipstick combination as it was often chewed by young Burmese women as a method to redden their lips.

In contrast, Sukhothai Lacquerware are mainly old Burmese objects that have been restored, polished with lacquer and bejeweled with the traditional bamboo inlay distinctive of the Sukhothai pattern.

There are just a few families left that are still mastering this craft and their rareness tends to be a valuable collectors item.

The exceptional quality workmanship and attention to detail on Asian art pieces are nothing short of spectacular.

It is certain that you will value these fine works of art for years to come.

You can find many of these works of art in private collections, museums and by shopping online art galleries.

Oriental Living has been offering Asian Art since 1991.

online art gallery for unique artifacts and other museum quality contemporary Asian art that you will treasure for years to come.

Discursive essays are written to solve a particular problem, when teachers want the students to enhance their problem solving skill; discursive essay are then assigned to them.

Students are required to solve the problem by providing their own viewpoint about the problem.

Therefore, in a way it can be called as opinion essay, but there are other differences that separate them.

Another important pillar of a discursive essay is the proper reasoning and argumentation from the side of the students, discursive essays is completed when there are sturdy arguments that are of their own where to buy paper online online essay writing service are incorporated in the discursive essays.

Discursive essays can be written on any subject matter provided there is something to deal and solve.

Therefore, from science to arts to commerce, you can make your discursive essays on anything you want.

For some students, who are not able to decide due to the thousand topic options, we have decide to provide them with some interesting discursive essay topic that will help them write an interesting essay in no time.

Discursive essays can be written from two perspectives, first from the research based and second from the argumentative angle.

Hence, we would be providing with ten topics each for research based discursive essays and argumentative essays.

Have a look on them and select the one which you like the most.

1- Experiments on animals are neither good nor bad.

4- The myths and legends about the mysterious life of Leonardo D Vinci.

6- All about Mayan civilization and their calendar.

10- How important is the strategic location of the countries.

2- Does racial discrimination be claimed as a legal sin.

3- Should human be blamed responsible for global warming.

4- Should capital punishment be banned throughout the world.

5- Footballers should not be given such a high salary.

8- Should children be told about their real parent in the adoption process.

9- Children should be kept away from the media violence.

As mentioned earlier in the article that you can write both from research based and argumentative perspective, you should remember two things before the final selection:.

1- You must choose the topic which interest you the most.

2- You must go for the category which has been assigned by your teacher.

If you are still not sure what to do then you ask your teacher about it, the above told topics are given only for your guidance.

Sure, they can be exciting and creative and their questions can make a person really think