2012- New Year New Goals

Posted on January 11, 2012

Hi everyone!!! I know it has been way to long since my last blog post and I know I say every year that I will get better with it but this year I promise a blog a week or else I I give something away!!!! Maybe then it will motivate me a little bit more to come and share my thoughts with you guys.

As many of you know at the end of 2011 I became Communications Coordinator for Shoots for a Cure! I am still very very excited about this opportunity and this charity and all it has to offer. I have met some wonderful people already through this chapter of my life and although they tell me how I have changed them and helped them I do not think they realize how in every session I do for SFAC how much I change and how touched I am. So to my previous SFAC clients and my future ones I just wanted to say Thank you!

Also with SFAC I have brought some changes to Sweet Dream Photos. One of my major changes I am announcing today is I am no longer photographing weddings. There are a few different reasons behind this decisions. As much as I loved being included in your special days and I was honored I was chosen, my work with SFAC does take a little more time and to balance everything I had to let go of something. I felt that the best thing to do at this current time was to let go of the weddings. I also am to the point where my children are involved in so many activities and there were a few times I had a wedding and missed a ball game or a cheer competition and had to explain to my kids that I had to work instead and although they understood, I just did not like to have to chose. So for the time being SDP will only be offering Family, Children, Babies, Seniors, Boudoir, Sports, Engagement and Bridal sessions. I hope you all understand!

Well thats all for now, until next week!!!

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