I am home-back to reality

Posted on September 10, 2010

I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I know I fell behind this past week but I did manage one blog post while I was out of town. My trip was AMAZING!!! Lots of shopping, food and walking around! When we arrived on Tuesday we shopped and walked and walked and shopped!!!! Dinner that night was at Carmine’s Italian and it was wonderful!!!!! We then went and saw Wicked on Broadway, which if you are ever in New York I highly recommend!!! Very well done and entertaining!!! Went back to the hotel and had a drink at the bar with two of my friends I know from my NKOTB adventures (one lives in nyc and the other just happened to be visiting), it was so great to see them and catch up!

Wednesday was more shopping! We went down to Seaport and walked around and ate on the pier and just enjoyed the relaxful side of NYC. Then our first subway experience…. Hmmmmm yeah it was interesting!!! (trip there almost made us want to take a cab back…. if only we were able to find one of those yellow cars afterwards!) The Open was AMAZING and everything I wanted and more! I met Nick Bollettieri not long after walking in and got to take my picture with him, we shopped a little and then on to tennis!! I didn’t realize how much I missed playing till sitting there watching it live!!! Maybe one day I will get back involved in the sport!

Thursday went by fast, little bit of shopping and then back to NJ to the airport. But of course what NY trip would be complete without the crazy cab driver who kept on falling asleep…… It was NOON, really?!?! Made for a interesting ride but we survived and here we are back to Oklahoma and reality…..

Below are pics from trip, one of Me and Nick Bollettieri and one of me and April!!


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Posted on September 7, 2010

Oh I am so excited to be posting this!!!  I turned 30 this past April and for my birthday my wonderful husband got me 2 tickets to the US Open in NY!!!  I am so excited!  It is truely a dream come true to go to this event and watch some GREAT tennis!!!  Although I am sad that my favorite current player lost last week (Andy Roddick), I am still really excited to see what tomorrows matches have in store!!  I plan on site seeing while I am here, eating great food and maybe even seeing a show…    I will post pics when I return!!!

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I am sticking with it

Posted on September 4, 2010

So with this new blog and website I swore I was gonna post more. My goal is literally daily!!! And so even though I am finally catching up in studio and have scheduled a few days off for an upcoming trip I am still working hard on other projects on computer and with photos.

Last night my best friend came over to view her images and make some decisions as to which ones and how to display in her house. We talked about walls and frames and decided on a 20×24 canvas of her kids for one wall and then made a 20×16 print collage for another wall. We had a blast playing with the different images and putting them in and taking them out and deciding which kids image went where and here is final product!! Cannot wait to see it printed!!!

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Things are coming together!

Posted on September 3, 2010

Got things coming together around here. New blog is live! New site is live! Both not 100% perfect and done yet but I am happy with how it is coming together. New logo will be launched in next few weeks.

Here is an image of one of my favorite little girls to start your weekend with.

“K” was on my last blog but I thought I would bring her back to start this one. She is an AMAZING girl who is my best friends daughter (oldest of three) and one of my little girls best friends! She had a rough week at school this week and I thought why not have a blog just about her!

K enjoys cheerleading and playing with friends, she is very smart and very beautiful! She also has a very big heart—–

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I will be going to the OU football game tomorrow and then relaxing some on Sunday and Monday!


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Once again a new blog

Posted on September 3, 2010

As you guys can see we are going through some changes here at Sweet Dream Photos….  New website, new blog… New attitude! 

I am now not only going to be posting my photography on here but also just random daily insites, some maybe random images from past favorites, some may be contests, some maybe personal posts…  I want this blog to be a place where you can come read, enjoy my new images, clients can share with their family but also a place where you get to know me! 

Enjoy!  Read!  Post comments back to me….  You never know random comments showing me you are out there may even land you some free cool stuff!!!

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